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Tips to Packaging Cannabis
over 3 years ago


The market for cannabis has been in the increase across the globe with more and more countries legalizing its use. With cannabis becoming mainstream, packaging becomes more and more important. The reason why packaging is an important aspect of the cannabis business is that how this product is presented is more likely to contribute to how customers view it hence buy it. Below is a list of tips one should take into consideration when packaging cannabis.


Auditing one's competitors should always be a factor to be taken into consideration when packaging for cannabis. By auditing one's competitors, it is possible to avoid mimicking already existing product packages in the market. By making one's packages unique, it is possible to make these products stand out in the increasingly crowded cannabis market. One should also avoid imagery and colors that are alluring to kids when making packages for cannabis.

Among this imagery and colors one should avoid when making packages for cannabis are extremely bright colors and images of cartoons. One should instead opt for minimal designs in their packages for cannabis. When packaging cannabis, it is also recommended to use child-resistant features. In states or areas that may sell cannabis in pharmacies, it is more advisable to use child-resistant features.


Special safety double closures are among the child-resistant features one could install in their cannabis merchandise package. The personal safety double closures of you’re choosing should always be one that adheres to the standard safety regulations. One should also seek to use materials that are durable and premium as their packaging for cannabis components. These could either be poly bags or other materials. This is so as to ensure that the products are protected. Learn more about child resistant packaging or buy quality cannabis exit bags.


For consumers who have used cannabis for quite some time, it is very easy to identify products that are of great quality. One-way consumers can easily rule out cannabis products that are of high quality to those that are of low quality is by factoring in their color, structure, and smell. To avoid losing customers due to the destruction of cannabis merchandise, it is always advisable to use packaging materials that are strong and durable.


It is ideal to use practical features in your merchandise of cannabis to increase their values. Among these great options one could go with is using a storage box or glass pipes. For those who would not prefer to go large scale or might not have the necessary funds to use storage boxes, they could seek smaller accessories such as card grinders. One should also seek to promote their social channels and websites on their packages. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/7-absolutely-necessary-tips-for-new-cannabis-entrepreneurs_b_5a099ae3e4b0f1dc729a6c8f

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